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Pre-shipment and post-shipment financing of export of services

Sellers often need money to finance their work prior to the delivery of services, for example, the work on creating software, designs, and similar services. They also need money to pay their sub-suppliers and other costs. The methods to obtain this type of financing, which is usually called pre-shipment financing, are explained in our eLearning course Pre-shipment Finance.

When selling on credit terms, the sellers of services usually need money before the due date for payment of credit. There are various methods for obtaining this type of financing, which is usually called post-shipment financing, and sellers probably must approach banks, factors and even an export credit agency for this purpose. Post-shipment financing transactions are not simple, but it is useful for small- and medium-sized companies to become familiar with them when trying to obtain money in the post-shipment stage of their transactions.

Foreign buyers, which are often small- and medium-sized companies, will also benefit from learning about the methods of payment explained in our eLearning courses. These courses explain the typical behaviour of sellers when negotiating commercial contracts and the risks sellers are trying to avoid or minimise.

See our eLearning courses Pre-shipment Finance, Post-shipment Finance and Export Credit Insurance

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